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Anonymous: Um so I downloaded Alex but some things came out weird. For example, the beauty marks isn't showing up correctly. I have a bunch of them but they are just identical clones of EA's beauty marks. Another thing is that her clothes have the wrong colors, for example her formal dress is lime green and her formal stockings are blue and yellow! Why?

I have no idea what might have happened with the clothes, it could be that the pattern used wasn’t properly installed in you game. The original default dress and stockings came in those colors you mentioned so it’s definitely a problem with the pattern I use for both those things. The beauty mark issue is addressed here.

Anonymous: Yuk! Downloaded Alex and got a pair of really fugly fake eyelashes. Something with the mesh is not working, because there is no separate eyelashes just two big black clips! How to fix this!? Otherwhise good job :)

It could be that you’re missing the sliders. Although if you didn’t try modifying the sim it should be working fine without the Sliders. Anyway the Slider is S-Club Privée Slider Hack 5X and the Eyelashes are Accessories also from S-Club Privée. Try installing both packages and see if it fixes the problem.

Anonymous: How do you take such quality photos of your sims?

I’ve answered this question a couple times already, but I’m glad you ask cause I’ve recently discovered another way to make the screenshots look even better.

First of all I use this HD Mod and I Photoshop the photos quite a lot.

In the game Options, The ‘Edge Smoothing’, ‘Texture Details’ and ‘Sim Details’ are on maximum high.

I used to play on a reasonable low Screen Size because my Game didn’t crash as often that way. But now, whenever I wan’t to take a screen shot I go to Options and choose the highest Screen size there is, 1920 x 1200 if I’m not mistaken. I know it’s stupid, I should’ve know right? Anyway, the higher the display screen size, the better the graphics look. If you don’t have a fancy graphics card, be sure to turn down the screen size when you’re not taking screen shots or your game will get slow as hell.

I also use a couple Camera Mods: Aikea Guinea’s No drift Camera Mod & Cmomoney’s Live Camera Mode


Anonymous: what skin and eye defaults do you use?

I don’t use default skins, only non default. But lately I’ve been using this one a lot, I think it’s lovely.

I would like to start making CC

  • Hi everyone! I'd like to start making my own CC for sharing but I really don't know where to start. Does anyone know if there's a program or tutorial to do this for mac? Thanks in advance.

- Rory -

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Update: I forgot to mention, I used the Upper Lip Shape Slider by Sage on this one. Here’s the link.

wavescrashalong: So, I have a pretty random question to ask about Sims. First off, I absolutely LOVE your sims. I have downloaded every single thing on here, haha. But I saw that you frequently use moles and freckles. I have downloaded the moles and freckles, but it shows I need to scroll down to look at the all the freckles and moles, yet it doesn't let me scroll down. I've known people to experience this problem, and was seeing if you knew anything about it or how to fix it. Sorry if I made no sense! :/

Hi! Thank you so much, I’m glad you like my things. I haven’t mentioned it cause I thought it was pretty clear on the Vasilla Download Page, sorry.

You have to put the ‘Anach_CASDetails8x2’ in your mod folder along with the freckles, this mod allows you to be able to see more moles and freckles that is permitted by the game. I hope this helped.

Anonymous: Every time I try to add the townhouse it says I need a expansion pack. what pack?

I only use Late Night & Pets. :)

- Killian -

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